The pedagogical concept

The peda-
gogical concept

The four pillars of the KiKu framework concept are lived and implemented in the woki. In addition, an open concept is practiced in the daycare. The topics of digitization and age-appropriate media use with children are an integral part of everyday life.

Co-construction - learning through collaboration

Here, the children themselves explore how the world works. We accompany and support them in this.

Participation - co-determination and self-determination in the day nursery

Children exercise the rights granted to them in the constitution of the institution in a self-determined manner, shape everyday life and participate in decision-making processes.

Inclusion - shaping diversity together

We experience diversity in the Kita as enrichment from which the community benefits. Every child is recognised and supported in its individuality.

Education partnership - hand in hand with parents

The open and trusting partnership with families is the basis of our cooperation.

We know that the educational quality in day-care centres depends to a large extent on the quality of interaction between the educator and the child.

The diversity of the team and the extensive training budget offer numerous development opportunities for each individual. Individual strengths can be brought in and specialisations can be further developed.

Our focal points are: